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Kendoll Releases New EP ‘Dead Or Alive,’ Out Now Via Psycho Disco!


Last September, Atlanta-based record label Psycho Disco! welcomed Seattle born, LA residing producer / DJ Kendoll to their roster with the release of her now critically acclaimed ‘Rabbit Hole’ EP. Today, Kendoll returns to her Psycho Disco! home with a brand new project- the ‘Dead Or Alive’ EP.

Renowned for a sound that pulls from a conglomerate of bassline and UK groove, Kendoll flexes her international sound on the project’s title track. Featuring an attention grabbing bassline, Kendoll jam packs the “Dead Or Alive” single with a number of captivating sound design elements that culminate into robust dance floor must-have. For the EP’s second track, “Get You Out Of My Head,” Kendoll fuses elements of Garage and Bass music for a shuffle encouraging rhythm that will feel right at home in nightclubs from London to LA

If this is your formal introduction to Kendoll, you may be familiar with her many otherr releases on Night Bass, Audiophile XXL, OKNF, and Tons & Tons.


photo by Elizaveta Vitalievna ( Veta Visuals )

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