Discoplex Releases Groovy Smash ‘Space’ on Code Red Music

Code Black brings more of the best of the underground by welcoming Discoplex’s groovy smash “Space”.

This hit from Discoplex follows up the fantastic and well-rounded Valahr EP crafted by fellow Italian Beatone. The Code Black imprint continues its hot start, having just been founded by Marcus Schossow and the Code Red team in 2018. The label saw its first release, Englafjord’s “Alone Out There,” featured on Spotify’s Friday Cratediggers playlist.

“Space” is a record that brings formidable energy to the table. Discoplex uses energetic brass stabs and an entrancing vocal sample to setup the track. A smooth but punchy bassline serves as the perfect complement to these elements. The combination allows “Space” to simply dominate as another impressive chapter on Code Black.

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