EDMBoutique recently had the pleasure of chatting with the DJ/Producer trio the Delayers for an exclusive interview. Check out the interview below to hear what they had to say!

Federico, John & Luca

Where are you from?
We are all born and raised in the Republic of San Marino

What is your favorite venue to play at in Italy?
We always have fun during a gig, but one of the coolest was for sure in Locri (Reggio Calabria) at Le Club. The crowd was amazing and the promoter were super friendly like if we knew them since years.

Where did the name Delayers come from, when did it form and what inspired it?
It came from the sound FX….you know, DELAY. So from that we said that DELAYERS was a cool name.

Who are your early inspirations that help influence the decision to become electronic dance music artist?
For sure Tiesto is one of them, then all th Swedish scene and many Italians like Nari & Milani.

How long have you been producing and DJing?
Federico and Luca started DJing when they were 14 and producing later on, viceversa John started “producing” or let say playing around VST at 14 years old and then started DJing at 17.

Do you find that being a trio gives you certain advantages in producing and DJing?
When we realized that this could be more than a passion or an hobby but could be really our daily job. Like this one can work on our single, one can check emails and the other one can do for example our weekly radioshow.

How important was your debut single ‘Easy Up’ and what kind of impact did it have on your careers in EDM?
We had a blast, because that day when it came out on the store we immediately entered the iTunes charts and we could not believe what was just happened.

You recently released a huge track & remixes for ‘Make Them Bounce’. What inspired the concept of the track?
It really wasn’t an inspiration, it was more a challenge because our last release before “Make Them Bounce” where more for clubs, you know, more wobble bass house. So we decided to try to do a more commercial track but to keep our sounds and Make Them Bounce was born

How did you feel seeing the legend David Guetta drop ‘Make Them Bounce’ at Ultra Music festival?
Was amazing, he always shows support to our stuff but seeing him playing one of them at Ultra was really out of mind!

What release has made the biggest impact for your career? What Delayers original would be your personal favorite?
For sure the collab track that we made with Tiesto and Nari&Milani called “Move To The Rhythm” because with that track we showed more our style to the big crow. And our favorite are the one that we are working on right now, we changed a bit our style and we can’t wait to see what you guys think about it.

Which EDM sub-genre would you be most interested in producing a track for that you haven’t?
Mmm maybe Trap because we really play lot of it during our sets.

What can we expect from Delayers for the rest of 2016!
A little twist of sound, let’s say a bubble face. We are working on two style, radio an pop stuff and more clubby like we used to, but we are keeping our style in both of this genre. New music is out really soon via Universal Music & Nameless Rec!

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