Traxsource Announces #1 Artist of 2017: David Penn


Traxsource, the famous international music sales platform, has chosen the Spanish DJ and producer to be at the top of its traditional Top 100 Artists in its 2017 edition.

David Penn keeps adding milestones to his prolific and successful career, which extends over the last two decades. The founder of Urbana Recordings, one of the most renowned labels in the international circuit that besides working as a platform for his own creations has also allowed him to give voice and space to emerging underground artists, has just been designated as Traxsource´s Artist of 2017 on its annual traditional Top 100. And he has been aso named as #1 House Artist on

Amazing achievements that the DJ and producer from Madrid has reached based on his talent and effort. Traxsource compares David Penn to Midas, in the best of its meanings, in the text that goes with his name indicating that everything he touches turns to gold. A statement that is proved by the fact that the most of his productions have reached rapidly the top pf every chart that have crossed its path, surpassing artists such as Louie Vega, Joey Negro, Dj Spen and KiNK.

It has been for example the case of “Yeah Yeah”, “That Vibe”, “Weekend” (remix for Seamus Haji & Emanuel) and “Down Win Da” with ATFC, all reaching number 1 at Traxsource. “Yeah Yeah”, “That Vibe” and “I Can´t Wait” are currently number #2, #16 and #67 respectively at the Top 100 House Tracks of 2017, being “Yeah Yeah” at number #8 in the General List of Tracks of 2017. But David Penn has reached success not only with his singles and remixes but also with his compilation, “IBIZED 2017” has been the 4th most sold compilation of the year.

A prolific career as a producer that David Penn has combined perfectly with his trajectory as a DJ that has allowed him to travel this year to Argentina, Macedonia, Greece, Mexico, Bulgaria, Algeria, Austria, Germany, Montenegro, Lithuania, Ukraine, France, Morocco, Egypt, Japan, Catar, and of course, Spain. There is no doubt that 2017 has been a year full of professional success to David Penn, a dynamic that will continue for sure during 2018.