Born in Israel and based currently in Los Angeles, producer and songwriter Dan Farber shares a visual piece for his honest and emotional indie-pop debut single “Time For Living,” featuring seductive vocals from UK-based Boy Matthews (known as the singer/co-writer on Duke Dumont’s “Ocean Drive”).


Dan Farber’s debut single as a solo artist arrives today via Big Beat Records, after spending years developing creative genius behind dance, pop and electronic releases for others, which led to artist cosigns from Dizzee Rascal, Nicole Millar, Borgore, DRAM, Nick Jonas and others. Dan produced 3 tracks on the new Dizzee Rascal album which hit top 10 in UK, receiving production acclaim from GQ, The Guardian, & Pitchfork.

Dan is passionate about his music connecting sonically and artistically as one – kicking off a 3-part visual series with “Time For Living” directed and produced by renowned New York-based director Gigi Ben Artzi known for his controversial directorial. This aesthetic will thread through Farber’s projects, as listeners absorb his distinctive synth-pop rhythm.

Dan has one message that he wants listeners to take away from this song – “the time is now if there’s a time for living, so be ‘present’ in the moment and grateful for what we have.” He continues, ‘Time For Living’ comes from a very honest place. Driving to a writing session in Los Angeles the only thing I could think was ‘did I answer all my emails this morning? How’s the session gonna go?’ Suddenly I realized I was missing a beautiful drive; the sun hitting the mountains, the perfect weather and the fact every morning I wake up and do what I love. ‘I guess the time is now if there’s a time for living’. Being “present” in the moment and grateful for what we have is such an important message so I was bound to write this. The visual is also a big part of the song. Working with the director, Gigi Ben Artzi, was a dream come true, I’m a big fan of his short films and aesthetics. Gigi brought the concept to life, shooting everything on a 16mm film, giving the song a very cinematic feeling.”

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