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Daktyl Continues Creative Outpouring w/ Two New Singles


After releasing a pair of singles in “Chaos Control” and “Ku Ring Gai” merely a month ago, Daktyl is wasting no time in releasing new music. “To The Bone” and “A Thin Blue Line” are the next pair of singles to emerge from the evolving producer, out now for streaming and purchase.

Building on the emotive nature of his releases a few weeks ago, “To The Bone” is a slower-paced crooner (with Jens Kuross and Daktyl on vocals) about forgiveness and taking responsibility for actions and mistakes. “Thin Blue Line” is a 180 degree turn away from the somber nature of its release partner in both style and substance. A self-proclaimed space nerd, Daktyl creates a sonic galaxy of his own within “Thin Blue Line” inspired by “everything to do with space, the universe, astrobiology and abiogenesis (the origins of life).” The complexity and sheer irony of life existing isn’t lost on Daktyl and that’s what this song is ultimately about. “So many millions of things had to go right in order for us to be here.. so many tiny details all aligning so that we can live our day to day lives. One of those details is the earth’s atmosphere, the thin blue line, the only thing that separates us from infinite nothingness,” he shares. Intended to be a high, energetic note to an otherwise evocative *double single* offering, “Thin Blue Line” is a reminder that our being able to be here at all and listen to music at all is completely, ridiculously, fragile, rare, and needs to be protected. These new releases continue an exciting new chapter for Daktyl, as he grows as an indie artist debut, complete with full creative control for the first time in his impressive career.

Starting at a young age, Daktyl began producing beats in the UK as a teenager in his university dorm. Before long, his talents garnered the attention of Diplo’s imprint Mad Decent, who promptly signed him while he was still in university. From there his career took off as he bought a one-way ticket from London to the U.S. to book his own tour across California. 
Daktyl has already earned praise from longstanding music pillar Billboard magazine, secured a spot in Rolling Stone’s “Artists to Watch” feature, and was chosen as Zane Lowe’s ‘Next Hype’ on BBC Radio 1. Online his music has received tens of millions of streams. It’s an impressive list of accolades that prove he’s only just getting started. Hot off of his debut Coachella performance and his run supporting Bonobo on a string of dates throughout Europe and armed with a fresh sound and broadened outlook, it’s undeniable he’ll continue to inspire longtime fans and convert new audiences as he delves further into what’s already been an exhilarating ride.


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