EDMBoutique Exclusive Q&A with Colin Callahan

Words by Rayy Vonn

Rising star Colin Callahan is ready to drop his brilliant ‘Original’ house anthem.

Colin Callahan is one of those rare talents in dance music. From an early age he has been engrossed in music production, learning and honing his production skills after being influenced by all areas of dance music from House to EDM. It was only a matter of time before his path took him to start DJ-ing too and coupled with track support from the world’s DJ’s he has been successfully spinning at clubs in NYC and beyond.

It was great to have a chat with the budding producer and dj and hear about his musical background, his passion to learn more and plans for the near future.

Watch Colin Callahan ‘Original’

How old are you, where are you living and how long have you been producing and Djing?
I’m 22 and I’m currently based in New York City where I go to the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University. I’ve always loved producing, I started making tracks when I was 13 years old and have never stopped. I started DJing when I was 18 at clubs in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin and soon after around New York City.

You study music at the Clive Davis Institute, would you recommend for budding producers/music moguls to do the same or go for real life experience?
I’m currently in my last semester in the program. The Clive Davis Institute has given me invaluable mentorship and guidance. Learning from the experienced faculty (including producers Bob Power and Nick Sansano and music business executives Jeff Rabhan and Jason King) and from my peers has been a tremendous experience. There is so much talent and it is inspiring to be around so many creative people. I’m very honored to be part of such a prestigious program.

Talk to us about your latest release ‘Original’ and the inspiration behind it.
“Original” is a melodic house track that was inspired by the feeling you get when you meet someone new and feel an instant connection with them. My co-writer Blu Eyes (an LA based songwriter) did an amazing job with the vocal. I’m very happy with the impact the song has both on and off the dance floor.

What’s the music scene like in the US and NYC where you live?
NYC is an amazing city to live and perform because there is so much energy and life! It’s the city that never sleeps. I love playing out, seeing my friends, and having a fun time!

You are known for your ‘mashups’ is a that a product of your DJ/live experiences?
I started making mashups and bootlegs when I was younger and just beginning to DJ. It was a great promotional tool before I started releasing my own original tracks. I was really lucky that DJs like Tiesto, Sick Individuals, and Promise Land liked my work early on and played my mashups in their podcasts and sets!

Which other DJs or producers are you feeling right now?
I really like the direction future house is going with producers like Don Diablo, Mike Williams, and Throttle. I’m also a fan of the recent David Guetta and Martin Garrix collaborations. I appreciate and look up to the producers that don’t just release great tracks but understand song craft. The songs that have great vocals are the ones the people really remember and that’s what I strive to do with my music.

What are your go to records?
Right now my DJ friends Lanna and Whizkid from Breeze Records have some great releases including “Want It Back” recently played on the Tiesto Club Life podcast. I also really like Gil Glaze’s recent release “Wild and Free” on Armada Deep.

Tell us about your DJ setup?
I learned and used Native Instruments Traktor for a while, but I now use CDJs whenever I DJ, since it is the industry standard and the most reliable. I like being able to connect with the audience during my sets and that’s what CDJs allow me to do best!

What’s been your biggest achievement to date?
Having my track “Eden” played during The Chainsmokers Australia Tour by my good friend Gil Glaze was an amazing moment! Also producing official remixes for Universal Music artists Cold War Kids, Jadagrace, and Lemaitre has been a blast!

What can we expect from you soon?
I have upcoming major label remix releases, original tracks on Breeze Records and other big dance labels, and plans to tour around the world!

Instagram: http://instagram.com/colincallahanmusic
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/colincallahan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/colincallahanmusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/colincallahan
Twitter: https://twitter.com/djcolincallahan