City of Gods – 24 Hour Halloween Weekend Event


Spread across two transcendent venues including the Paper Factory hotel and an adjoining warehouse, this one of a kind, otherworldly event will offer show-stopping theatrics, stunning artistic monuments, food and drink from local craftsmen, and a full musical line-up. With 40+ renowned international DJs and live acts performing over 9+ stages, City of Gods promises to be an immersive theatrical Halloween party experience like no other.

With the spirit of the playa in mind, City of Gods will not be announcing the full line-up until the day the City opens. Guests are encouraged to come prepared for the unexpected, as they enter a world with endless possibilities of encounters and performances around every corner. The event will go for a full 24 hours, starting the evening of October 28 and continuing until the evening of October 29.

Rooms are available for booking, with very unique add ons available – full list at the bottom of the website.

A city of endless possibility. A city beyond mortality. A city of love and dust.

We welcome you to the City of Gods. A grand convergence of pantheistic power, a gathering of grotesque opulence and eternal extravagance. An offering to you by House of Yes and ZERO featuring the sound camps and burning man camps who have given us our most empowering moments and divine memories: Distrikt, Disco Knights, Tierra Bomba and many, many more to come…

We welcome all deities demigods and demons, gods and goddesses, creatures of creation and those devoted to hedonism beyond the human realm.

Our City at is an endless maze of temples and altars, shrines and sanctuaries for your play and pleasure. Pray and prey upon. Be feared of your wrath and indulge in the rapture of dance. You are magic incarnate, the supreme ruler of all. This is your city. We are your worshippers.

::::: FEATURING:::::
2 Separate Sprawling Venues
9+ Stages of Music and Myth
15 Local Artists on Display
Sacrifices and Offerings
Elixirs of Eternal Life
Delicious and Decadent bites
Live Ensembles
Temple of the Goddess
Dionysus Wine Bar
Myth, Mystics, Magic & Mania.
Religious & Sacrilegious Texts
Shrines and Altars of Seduction
Kali Ma’s Chamber of Blood
Performance Rituals and Rites
Angels of Aerial
Sanctuaries of Sin and Soul
Surprises and Delights