EDMBoutique Exclusive Interview: CHUS+CEBALLOS

During their stops in Philadelphia and NYC, Chus & Ceballos brought their dance floor tantalizing sound to new levels. We had a quick chat with them about what they have in store for us this year and where we can find them!

Where are you guys currently residents?
We are residents or play periodically at Output in Brooklyn NY, Stereo in Montreal, Heart Club in Miami, Exchange and Sound in Los Angeles, Audio in San Francisco, Flash in Washington DC and Space Ibiza in the Summer.

What is different between residences in US cities compared to international ones like ibiza?
The US is a huge territory and every single city is different, but the common point is that people in general are very open minded and they go the club to have fun and dance. They are always very loyal, traveling often to support their favorite DJ’s all over the country, they are very passionate fans in this industry. In the US people work hard and party hard. In Europe it is a bit more of a cultural thing, people follow a certain type of electronic genre, they are more purist with a certain sound and dress in a certain way according to their ‘tribe’, electronic music in Europe has been rolling for so many years so its not as new and exciting for them. Europe is the continent that leads in what is up and coming in the electronic scene and the US is their major consumer.

Where else can we find you this summer?
We have a pretty busy season non stop, back and forth between North America, visiting Cities like New York, Miami Toronto, and Montreal. A South America Tour in August and of course the main European destinations like Ibiza, Mikonos, Cyprus, Barcelona and Bulgaria. In July we also have an Asian tour with confirmed shows in Jakarta Indonesia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai among others.


Where do you guys feel most at home as DJS?
Obviously Spain and Portugal but also in Miami, Montreal and New York. Since Pablo is now living in California Los Angeles and San Francisco are amongst them. All of these cities are like home to us.

You’ve been producing music for quite some time, how has your sound grown over time and what do you do to continually produce new and unique music?
Electronic Music is in a constant evolution, genres and sub-genres appear and disappear so fast that is a real challenge to be steady. This is a exciting part that DJ’s and producers have to face. Technological advances in music production makes electronic music change and evolve super fast, so to keep experimenting and growing is a essential part of our job to keep our sound fresh. Our style has naturally evolved between house and techno since day one of the Iberican Sound, turning right now into a stage where you can find more musicality in our sound, all while keeping the groove and our organic-ethnic signature elements.

We all know you pioneered the iberican sound, what has been your inspiration for your new event series iberican Republica?
The inspiration has been the union between the artist of the label and the great vibe that we have together at the label showcases, the fans had a great experience and after the success of the parties in BPM Festival, Miami and NY we are ready to export the concept world-wide.

How has your vision for stereo productions evolved since it’s onset in 2001?
It really continues being the same, our label has the doors open to any music that we find interesting, top Dj’s and new comers are equally welcome, the artist that collaborate with us identify themselves with the label adding always something new continuously growing. In-house we work like a family, taking care and communicating a lot with our producers, working as clan, it’s essentially the power of the group that stabilizes the vision.

What do you listen to outside of the world of dance music?
Chus: I Love Jazz, flamenco, Chill Out and also Classic Disco.
Ceballos: I try to listen to many different genres of music for inspiration, other kinds of electronica, indy-folk, classics from the 80’s early 90’s and a lot of Jazz from the 50’s 60’s mainly Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

What can we expect for the rest of 2016?
After the release of our debut album ‘Nomadas’ and touring around the world, we are back to the studio for some dance floor bangers and some very exciting remixes. We are now focused on a new event series called ‘Iberican Republica’ included in this we are introducing our new clothing collection a partnership with Raul Ramiro and his brand ‘Buenavida’, we are going to open a new headquarter in Miami very soon.

Chus + Ceballos

Photos & Video by: Venture31