Carlo Lio – Exclusive Interview & Ticket Giveaway

We recently had the chance to sit down with the legend Carlo Lio to discuss some interesting this about himself, his recent productions and his inspirations. Also enter to win 2 free tickets to Carlo Lio & Dubfire at Rumor Philly on Wednesday November 23rd. Make sure you follow Carlo to stay updated on news, events and releases!

Real names?
As real as it gets…..

Where are you from originally and where do you reside now?
My background is Italian, but I was born and reside in Canada at the moment. Along with Europe in the summer, usually Spain.

How long have you been producing / DJing?
DJ’ing since 2001 and started messing with production around 2003

What and who were some of your early inspirations in becoming an electronic dance music artist?
Toronto’s rave scene was at its peak when I found it. So that was really the biggest inspiration for me. To see all these people in these underground spots listening and loving this music I’d never heard before really hit home with me.

Where do you pull inspiration from while in the studio and working on new productions?
From anywhere; people, artists, other music, culture, countries…..I am an easily inspired person to say the least.

What is your favorite track ever produced and what track meant the most to your career?
One of my favs would have to be “My Thang”. And a pivitol track in my career was “Breakfast In Bag”

What inspired your recent release ‘Ill Shit’ on Kaluki Musik?
Actually my older productions did. I went back to my old school way of producing.

You’re are one of the veteran electronic producers. How has technology changed over the past few years and what impact do you think it had on the industry?
Well technology is growing fast, maybe way too fast for my liking. On a production side of things, things have become a bit more easy and accessible due to pirating, which has led to an over saturated industry of shit music. On a positive note it has only made the industry bigger. It has also allowed us producers to experience some amazing and innovative products that we couldn’t have 10 years. So basically there will always be negatives and positives to situations like this.

With the industry being so oversaturated, do you feel like it is harder to maintain an original sound and why?
Well if you’re an innovator, then you will be recognized. You just have to be prepared to have your sound ripped off by a million people afterwards. Any really artist will maintain their sound and keep evolving.

What inspired you to start your exclusive vinyl label On Edge Society?
Well, was basically due to over saturation of the digital market. We wanted to go back to the roots and release music the old way. Vinyl first, digital much later. We know the people that will buy the vinyl, is a real music head. Not someone who buys a track simple because it’s in a chart or has a certain name attached to it.

You have played some of the biggest festivals worldwide. What was your favorite festival moment?
Very tough one! But I always love BPM Festival. It’s always rocking and also a great vacation spot!

When playing a live performance song selection is very important. What process do you use to choose tracks and take crowds on your own journey?
I do no pre-planning, the crowd decides the direction my set takes.

What other electronic artists are inspiring you at the moment?
Me Mr.G is always on the top of my list, I also love my man Truncate. I am also into Quenum. But as always, there are too many to name.

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?
Mr.G hands down!

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2016?
Well I’ve released a lot of music this year. But I will end with one of my biggest tracks of 2016. It’s a collaboration I’ve done with the legendary DJ Pierre. The track is called “Destroy This Track” It will be released on SCI+TEC, so keep your eye on that one!

Besides music what are some of your passions and interests?
Cats, movies and food!

If you could plan your own festival who would be your top 5 headliners?
Ben Klock, Truncate, Mr.G, Loco Dice and myself of course hahaha


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