EDMBoutique Exclusive Interview: Bro Safari

We recently had a chance to chat with one of our favorite electronic music veterans Bro Safari. Even though he is still killing the game currently he has been doing this for a while. We had a chance to discuss his inspirations, favorite tracks, his current tour and more. Check out what he had to say below!

Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

Born in Italy, raised in Atlanta and currently living in Austin, Texas.

How long have you been producing / DJing?

I started to DJ and Produce music in 1998. So, almost 20 years!

What and who are some of your early inspirations in becoming an electronic artist?

My early inspiration came mostly from Drum & Bass artists. People like Dieselboy, Dom and Roland and the Ram Records crew.

What is your favorite Bro Safari track / production of all time?

Tough to say, but I’m very proud of my most recent single, “Reality.”

What is your favorite collab track / production to date?

The entire “Animal” LP that I wrote with UFO! It was so much fun to put together and I love working with him.

What are a few differences you see in the process of creating collaborations opposed to a solo single?

Well, you’re sharing the work load, so it’s a bit easier to do. Beyond that, you’re not just blending your ideas with someone else’s. You’re actively compromising and adjusting your normal work flow to accommodate someone else. That’s not a bad thing. I think it’s important to shake things up in the studio, and collaborating is a great way to achieve that.

What inspired the new track ‘Reality’ featuring Sarah Hudson and what led to the collaboration?

I’ve been friends with Sarah for quite some time, so it was just a matter of time before we worked on something together. As far as inspiration goes, I kinda of just went with the flow. Actually, the vocals she recorded were originally for a different song entirely. I couldn’t make that song work, so I started a new project with the vocals. That’s how this song came to be.

Your are one of the OG electronic producers. How has the technology changed over the past 5 years and what impact do you think it had on the industry?

5 years? How about 15 years? When I started producing, our resources were extremely limited. We didn’t have immediate access to tutorials, presets and things of that nature. I’m honestly a bit jealous! I’m not saying that older producers are superior or anything like that, because that would be a false statement. However, we really had to dig deep to get on our feet. There were no templates. It was always built from the ground up. These days, you hear A LOT of songs that are clearly built solely from sample packs and presets.

With the industry being so saturated, do you feel like it is harder to maintain an original sound and why?

It isn’t harder, but it seems like a lot of people don’t think it’s necessary to sound original. A lot of people WANT to sound just like Zomboy, or whoever. A lot of people strive to emulate another artists sound. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with that, but it’s just a shift in the mentality within the producer circles.

You’re currently on the last leg of the ‘Pretty Good Tour’ w/ ETC! ETC! & Valentino Khan. What inspired the tour name and what is the craziest and/or funniest thing that has happened on the road?

The tour title is a nod to my favorite entertainer, Larry David. Aside from that, It just felt like a fun way to make fun of myself. This tour has been very laid back. We are spending a lot of time working out in the hotel gym instead of drinking and going to after parties. It’s a nice change for me. I like feeling good when I wake up!


What other electronic artists are inspiring you at the moment?

Dubstep has been doing it for me lately. Barely Alive, in particular, have such amazing mix downs and the songs are just so slamming.

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?

I’m wrapping up a hand full of collaborations right now. After they’re done, I’m going to start on an album and avoid collaborations for quite some time. The one’s I have going right now are with Dion Timmer, G-Buck and Diamond Pistols.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2016?

As I stated above, I’m working on finishing a few collaborations to go on an EP release. That should drop before the end of the year, for sure.

Besides music what are some of your passions and interests?

I love my family! I just enjoy being home with them. Aside from that, I’m a huge Call Of Duty enthusiast. I play other games as well, but I really love COD.

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