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Brasstracks Release Deluxe Version of ‘For Those Who Know’

Brasstracks have released the deluxe version of their recent EP series: For Those Who Know

The deluxe version includes an additional song, a cover of Tamia’s 2004 R&B hit Officially Missing You. Ivan’s layered trumpet replicates Tamia’s vocals, and Conor’s drums (along with an added organ) gives the cover a dancier, more upbeat vibe. The cover perfectly encapsulates Brasstracks’ ultra-disctinct cross-genre approach, drawing on elements from R&B, hip-hop, jazz and electronic music; resulting in their immidiately-recognizable sound.

Brasstracks will be celebrating the closing of the For Those Who Know EP chapter, with a homecoming show in New York City on October 18th. The show is happening on the rooftop of Brooklyn-venue Elsewhere, recreating the For Those Who Know EP cover art. Ivan and Conor will be joined by a full live band and several special guests for a very special one-off performance. Both native New Yorkers, Ivan and Conor wanted to put on an intimate performance for their fans that have showed them love since the beginning:

“We are so proud to be from New York and wanted to do something special for our hometown fans. We have curated a one-off special event just for you guys, inspired by our For Those Who Know artwork, we invire you to see us perform songs from the project with a live band, full brass section and very special guest performers on Elsewhere’s incredible rooftop. We have never done anything like this before and can’t wait to show you” – Ivan & Conor


For Those Who Know (Deluxe Tracklist)
Part One:
1. Improv #1 (Intro) feat. Robert Glasper & The Underachievers
2. Brownstone feat. BXRBER
3. Those Who Know
4. When You Say That
5. Opposite Ways feat. Fatherdude & S’natra
6. Improv #1 (Outro) feat Robert Glasper

Part Two:
1. Improv #2 (Intro) feat Robert Glasper, Thirdstory & S’natra
2. Stay There feat Xavier Omär
3. Moments
4. Too Far, Too Fast feat Thirdstory
5. I’ll Sing About You (Outro)
6. Officially Missing You (Bonus Track)

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