Booyah Riot Releases New Single ‘Sedated’


The guys behind Booyah Riot have crafted a love song for the 2018 that transports the listener straight to South Beach. The new track features lovesick lyrics and an addictive pulsing beat.

“Sedated” follows a millennial romance. A guy is so intoxicated by a girl that he can only compare their time together as being high. She makes him feel like he wants to give her everything and never wants to come down. He wants to binge on time spent with her, addicted to her, like an addiction to drugs.

The latest release is a starry-eyed duet just in time for Valentine’s Day. The female vocalist’s emotions match well with the guys’ sentiments. She sings: “When I’m with you, I feel faded. Sometimes it gets complicated.” The voices complement each other perfectly – you can hear the chemistry. With a strong, R&B-influenced intro, the track uses snaps and chimes to set the mood. The beat is thick and sexy, a touch slower than most previous Booyah Riot tracks. The pulsing rhythm is versatile, able to be spun in the nightclub or the bedroom.

The track will be released on all major platforms on February 20th including iTunes and Spotify but to get a sneak peak of Booyah Riot’s latest track “Sedated”, see below:

The trio has been making the news in EDM Circles. Their remix of CeCe Penniston’s “Finally” climbed to #9 on Music Week’s Club Charts and their original “2AM” reached over 3.1M views on YouTube. Booyah Riot creates invigorating music because they are music lovers. Their original beats and sample choices draw influence from numerous genres and decades of music. They keep consistently putting tracks out that sets them apart from the crowd. Add them to your playlist today.