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Joy Kate Releases a New Positive Single “Body”


Joy Kate has released her new single, “Body.” This track is a catchy love song about finding that irreplaceable someone. The message behind “Body” is about navigating the challenges of dating and refusing to settle for just anyone.

The lyrics speak to the idea of not wasting time seeking out relationships that are disingenuine and not changing one’s self to accommodate another’s preferences or expectations. The song includes a synthy, lo-fi tone over a bassy, rhythmic beat, with Joy Kate’s melodic vocals over top. To achieve this sound, Joy Kate worked with three-time Grammy-nominated producer Johnny Black (Jessie J, Estelle, Mr. Probz, Daughtry) and Grammy-nominated mixer and sound engineer, Mike Piazza to write, produce and mix “Body.”



Hailing from the South, Joy Kate, is a multifaceted singer-songwriter, actress, and instrumentalist who has been making music for as long as she can remember. When she was 16, Joy Kate graduated high school early and was accepted into the prestigious Clive Davis Song Writing Institute at NYU. Foregoing college life at such a young age, she took a gap year to pursue music and acting opportunities that had fallen her way. She divided her time between Nashville, where she was songwriting and releasing new electronic-pop music, and Los Angeles where she was focusing on the acting and filming side of her artistry. She was in supporting roles in the Netflix original Malicious and the yet unreleased feature film, Indigo Valley which was written and directed by Emmy award-winning Jaclyn Bethany. Utilizing influences from her filming experiences, Joy Kate then wrote and released her first cinematic pop song and video, “Undertow” which has since received numerous nominations and awards including the overall winner at the acclaimed Redwood Film Festival 2020. Continuing her artistic endeavors, Joy Kate is now a New York transplant as a student at NYU honing her craft of music writing and production, to not only provoke and inspire thought through musical journal entries of her most personal highs and lows but also to capture the stories and struggles of those around her.

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