Track Of The Day: Blamhaus Releases Stunning 3 Track EP

Blamhaus is an electronic music producer residing in london, uk. In his teens he fell in love with house and techno and started producing music. Influences come from everywhere -v Northern soul, dubstep, blues, metal, acid house… the list can go on forever. His music is bassy, got a groove and doesn’t want to be confined to one style/genre.

Blamhaus is back at it again releasing an amazing 3 track EP called  ‘B-Haus001’. The tracks are packed with amazing production, house vibes and tons of feels. Each track has its own groove but ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ is by far our favorite. The other two track featured on B-Haus001 are ‘Broad’ & ‘Come & Get It’ which are both  dub and bass infused bangers the give you trip vibes while maintaining the true house feels.

B-haus001 will be available from Bandcamp Now! GET HERE>

1. ‘Delusions of grandeur’- Acid tinged bass heavy house
2. ‘Broad’- Happy go luck dub techno
3. ‘Come & get it’- Bass heavy techno with soul