B-Let Releases ‘Flight Ceiling’ Featuring Anoctave

B-Let has over 1000+ hours of studio experience, a degree in sound engineering, and an ear for tweaks that make good music great. The San Francisco-based artist showcases his skill via his multi-genre, experimental bass leaning original “Flight Ceiling”. Featuring, Anoctave – also a member of Eko Zu – the single showcases arpeggio-influenced synths and classic dubstep percussion.

B-Let has put his logo at the forefront of this release, a logo symbolically capturing themes of fighter pilots, militantism, and drug-fueled music sub-cultures; giving it a industrial type feel.

B-Let’s releases range from and mix together heavy bass, futuristic synths, and psychedelic samples, creating a soundscape conjuring sci-fi imagery of a dystopian alien world.