EDMBoutique Exclusive Interview: AFFKT

EDMBoutique recently had the pleasure of chatting with performer, DJ, producer and label owner AFFKT. Check out what the talented artist had to say below. Also follow him to stay updated on news, releases and upcoming events!

What inspired the name AFFKT?

When people ask me about the meaning I always say that with my Alter ego I wanted to make music without borders or ‘clichés’. But at the same time and some years since the beginning of the project I just prefer to be open minded and leave some freedom to the meaning. I always like to ask “what does it mean for you?” instead of being the one who has to explain.

AFFKT is the imaginary world I create with my music, the feelings of the people who listen and enjoy my work.

How long have you been producing / DJing?

For around 17 years now.

Not all producers are engineers also, what are some of the advantages of being an engineer when producing your own music?

I think it really helps to know as much as possible about sound, but sometimes it also goes against the creative process. In my case I try to dissociate both worlds at the moment.

Also being objective on your own work is not so easy, you are normally so into the things that is hard to feel what is failing or missing. But on the other hand you know how important it is to have a track sounding good, even the best track ever without a proper mix would never be the same.

Who are some of your early electronic music inspirations when deciding to become an electronic artist?

All the music from the late 90s, I guess it really inspired me at that time to start doing music, people like Prodigy, Daft Punk, Boards Of Canada, Ian Pooley, Timo Maas, Craig Armstrong just to name a few.

What inspired your recent EP ‘The Rush /Flint’?

‘Flint’ is an emotive song that came out during a personal hard time and the inspiration for The Rush came after listening some old vinyl of Funk music. Both are house tracks but going in opposite directions, one is looking at the past and the other one to the future.

What inspired the start of your own imprint ’Sincopat’ and what are some of the advantages of having your own imprint?

Sincopat was born 6 years ago; the main reason to start the label was because I was sure we could release music that no other label was releasing, we were sure we had a different language and message than the one that was out there. To have total freedom of creativity I think is the most important advantage for me.

What can fans expect from your new album ‘Son of a Thousand Sounds’ releasing on September 23rd on Sincopat?

‘Son of a Thousand Sounds’ is my most mature work till now, people can expect an honest and deep diary of myself made into music. The album has some club tracks oriented but is mainly an album to listen and enjoy in many different moments and situations.

Which track of the new album means the most to you and why?

All of them are special for me, depending on how I am feeling. A friend told me yesterday that every week he has a favourite track of the album and that’s something I was looking for with this album. All the tracks came out naturally along this 2 years musical diary and each one has a different role inside the story.

What original track/production of yours has meant the most to your career and why?

There have been some highlights already in my career in terms of being successful tracks like ‘Points’ or my releases for Suara, Noir… But talking about going further with my sound I think my first album ‘Punto 0’ changed the way I understand the music, and with ‘Son Of A Thousand Sounds’ I also expand my borders to a new level.

Are there any subgenres of electronic dance music that you listen to, that your fans wouldn’t expect and what draws you to that genre?

I am not listening to electronic music very much outside the studio; I am so many hours there that when I am out I just want to listen something different or just silence. But years ago I used to produce and play Drum & Bass, and I still listen to it sometimes. Besides Dance music I like listening to everything from Pop to Flamenco.

What other electronic artists are inspiring you at the moment?

There are so many. Just to name a few: Trentemoller, Clavis, Bufi, Maceo Plex, Jimpster, Upercent, Darlyn Vlys…

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?

There are also so many. Just to choose some: Frankye & Sandrino, Martin Buttrich, Cliff Martinez, Caribou, Tom Demac,…

What can we expect from AFFKT for the rest of 2016?

This year has been a good one so far, but after the album, we have the album remixed on Sincopat, then I have an EP for the label ‘This & That’ along with my soulmate Upercent, also for Martin Eyerer & Ruede Hagelstein and Raxon. I am working in new music at the moment that should be out for early next year as well.

Besides music what are some of your passions and interests?

I love to cook a lot and recently I started doing photography again. I like to watch movies, read books and make yoga and other sports.

If you could plan you own festival who would be your top 5 headliners?

DJ Harvey // Kink // Moderat // Upercent // Piek