Bordo Releases New ‘1978’ EP on V-Dogg

After 2 successful EP released on The Avener’s label, 96 Musique, Bordo is back with a very anticipated 3rd EP, released on their own label. They have already conquered the planet and the charts in Germany, Austria, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, the Philippines and France with their singles Your Secret Corey Feat, So Hot Wit Me, Lay Down ft Jadea Kelly and Sunset on My Mind.

With their new EP “1978”, Bordo affirms its singularity musical and sound, with a sharp, renewed and singular sound. The Duo sails between Deep House, Funk, Electronica, Hip Hop and Pop with ease and lightness, all with a rare consistency. The solar and sensual lyrics suggest a hot and endless summer. Bordo confirms his unique spot on the worldwide music scene and offers us the perfect soundtrack for summer 2018.